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Original Chimichurri (16oz)


The Original is our most popular flavor.

Our chimichurri is made with fresh parsley, garlic, oregano, chili flakes, paprika, salt, vinegar and a neutral flavor oil. This combination brings a herby and tangy taste, splashing your palate with a delicious blend of herbs and spices. If you are searching for that home make flavor recipe taste. The one that people in Argentina have in their kitchens, this is it!

Chimichurri tastes like a bright and refreshing herbaceous ray of leafy greens that add a soft yet firm mouthfeel that has an accompaniment of mild garlicky pungency that is clean, very well defined and balanced that allows for whatever you are putting it on to shine through and be elevated while adding a new dimension of flavor and texture

Serving Size:

8oz serves 3 to 5 people

16oz serves 6 to 8 people

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Jane Moon
Delicious Chimichurri for everyone!

Thanks Pablo. My 8yr old now cannot eat tri tips without chimichurri! We took the small jar we bought from farmers market to our church group's camping trip and they liked it too. They are going to buy a jar too. Thank you for the delicious chimichurri!

Linette Nelander
A new pantry staple

This is that sauce you never knew you needed and now can't live without. It is so versatile, every week I am finding new ways to use it. From flank steak to shrimp, roast asparagus to potatoes, as well as bread and mixed into rice pilaf, the only limit is your imagination!


Reordered this. We love the Chimichurri!

Lisa Bastian

This Argentinian Chimichurri sauce is amazing. Flavorful, fresh, oozes deliciousness. Pablo Kim nailed this. Excellent on any meat or as a dipping sauce.

Florent Ndindjock
Great tasting sauce

I have now ordered three of the Chimichurri sauces and have to say they are the best tasting sauces I have ever had. They are made with fresh ingredients and perfect for pairing with meat or seafood. I will definitely order more once I am done with the new ones I just got.

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