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How did it all start?

The founder of Pablo Kim's chimichurri has always been known amongst friends and family as a master griller. Complementing his passion for good Argentinian BBQ was his craft at making heavenly chimichurri sauce. Between all the BBQs and picnics, Pablo Kim's Chimichurri was born after repeated requests for his chimichurri. 

Why did it start?

Have you ever wanted to boost your meal with a tasty sauce, but didn’t want the high fructose corn syrup or other stuff you can’t pronounce? If you look around you, all the sauces, especially BBQ sauces, are based on ketchup! Don't get us wrong, we love ketchup, but not all the sugars and chemicals they contain.

Pablo Kim's Chimichurri was founded to provide a scrumptious alternative. Pablo Kim’s Chimichurri sauce is made with fresh parsley and quality ingredients to bring you a tangy and refreshing flavor. We also wanted something that was flavorful and fresh, that didn't contain any preservatives or weird sounding chemicals.


What goes in our jars:

We want to give you the best, all natural Chimichurri. We take tremendous pride in our work, and we want to make sure that you get it as fresh as possible. 

What does that mean?

Our Chimichurri does NOT contain any ingredients that cannot be found in any regular kitchen. As such, our product is kept by the natural process of pickling.

Once our Chimichurri arrives at your door, the fresh state will last between 4-5 weeks after it was made, when refrigerated. 

This means that every single one of our jars is done by an actual person taking care that you get the utmost perfection in your jar, and that requires a lot of love and dedication. That is the love, quality and dedication that food should have, and we want to share that with you.

Our chimichurri is safe to keep at room temperature, however the process of pickling will be accelerated, giving you a more aged taste, which is still delicious and flavorful! Once the chimichurri has aged (pickled) we recommend you enjoy it within 6 months.

Chimichurri is traditionally consumed aged in Argentina, but we want to bring you the full experience, and let you decide how you want to have your chimi!


Our Mission statement or Raison d'être:

"To create a space where friends can gather over good food, let their guard down, and enjoy themselves"


A word from Pablo:

"I have always been a foreigner. I was born in Argentina, but I looked different from everyone at school. I am Korean, but every time I traveled there I was always singled out because of how I dressed, how I spoke,what I ate. In America I was an even rarer specimen, an Asian Latino. 

Throughout my life I struggled with my identity. It took a long time for me to discover that, rather than not fitting in anywhere, I was actually able to fit in everywhere. I learned that there will always be negative people wherever I go who don't understand my story. It was at this time that I encountered kind people who embraced what I was and accepted who I am. I speak three languages, have three different cultural viewpoints, and I understand a lot of the thinking behind each one. As a chef, I want to be an ambassador for all these cultures, to promote understanding and acceptance through the power of a meal.

If we can gather around the dinner table and celebrate our differences through food, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. I want my cooking to be an extension of the kindness and generosity that others have shown me on the way of becoming who I am, something I want to share with all of you."


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