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Selection of fresh chimichurri

Our Chimichurri is made with fresh parsley, that means that our chimichurri tastes home made. We have a combination of locally sourced ingredients and some are brought directly from Argentina, making it as authentic as it gets. 

We make every effort to deliver it fresh to you. You decide whether you want to have it fresh or if you want to let it ferment.  The choice is yours!


Have chimichurri with steaks, barbecue, or throw it on chicken or fish, or even grilled veggies. People love it on rice or with their eggs for a delicious breakfast.  Spread on bread as an appetizer.


Our chimichurri flavor will evolve with time, if you want it to ferment faster, just leave it out of the fridge, if you are familiar with kimchi, it works in the very same way. So, keep it in the fridge to extend the non fermented phase. 

Chimichurri will last 2 to 3 weeks fresh in the fridge, and will continue to ferment. We recommend you finish the chimichurri within 3 months of purchase for the best experience.

Our three varieties of chimichurri have different spice levels for every palate.

Some people tell us that this is the only way they can get their children to eat veggies, and some other people tell us that they have to put it on the top shelf, in very far back so that their children won't finish it without them.  

If you have any stories like this, let us know! we love to hear them.

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