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Chimichurri Basics #1: Bread

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Elevating Everyday Meals:

Have you ever had a simple meal that you wish you could add some pzazz to?
Let's chat about a simple yet delightful way to add a bit more charm to your meals – pairing bread with Pablo Kim's Chimichurri. It's a subtle flavor journey that will elevate your most humble standing-by-the-nook to haute cuisine meals.

Think of the times you are looking for a quick simple meal and/or perhaps want to add an additional layer of flavor and texture, chimichurri adds a subtle acidity break to cut through any decadence or intense savory flavors you may have.

Combine it in crostini with different things like Salami, avocados, grilled mushrooms, your favorite cheese, the possibilities are endless! (See the picture to get an idea)  you could offer these as aperitifs for your dinner parties, or you could make them your meal. The combination of textures and flavors will keep you coming back, and allow you to experiment with random ingredients you may have at home. 

Since you don't really need  lot of ingredient per crostini, you may have just left overs, and make it work

THE HOW, an example:

Say you have an array of random ingredients in your fridge, say:

-4 cherry tomatoes

-Half and avocado

-3 measly mushrooms

-5 pieces of cheese mini slices, from last night's girls night out

-May be 2 slices of salami?

A small piece of that loaf of bread from yesterday bread?


Cut the tomatoes in half. Slice the avocado(and if you have lemon, sprinkle some juice on it). Cut the mushrooms (in quarters if you like it chunky, or in slice if you prefer a softer texture) Sauté on high fire with a bit of your choice of oil. Salt and pepper to taste. 

Slice the bread in a way that will give you the largest possible flat surface, slather some chimi on them and play with any combination of ingredients that sounds delicious to you. 


#Magic in front of your eyes! You just made a delicious, quick meal out of whatever was in your fridge, did I mention it was was quick, easy and delicious?  You bet it was. 

You just helped reduce food waste, you deserve a pat in the back.  



Some Suggestions of bread for you::

Artisanal Bread Magic
There's a quiet joy in the crunch of artisanal bread meeting the herbaceous goodness of Pablo Kim's Chimichurri. It's not about grand gestures; it's about the simple pleasure of enjoying a rustic loaf with a crispy crust that beautifully contrasts with the vibrant flavors of chimichurri.

Mediterranean-Inspired Harmony
Ever wished your kitchen could transport you? Pairing chimichurri with warm focaccia achieves just that. The herbal notes of chimichurri and the olive oil-infused bread come together in a subtle dance. It's a small, delightful escape to a Mediterranean-inspired moment without leaving your home.

Baguette Pleasure
Creating a culinary moment doesn't have to be complicated. Take a baguette, slice it, toast it, and introduce it to Pablo Kim's Chimichurri. The result? A simple pleasure that's perfect for sharing. The baguette becomes a canvas for the rich flavors, turning a meal into a small, enjoyable gathering. Which really, it is what you just did if you followed what I wrote above.

Ciabatta Comfort
For those who appreciate textures, the ciabatta and chimichurri pairing is a comforting match. The airy, holey texture of ciabatta becomes a pleasant backdrop for the robust flavors of chimichurri. It's an uncomplicated combination that brings a touch of elegance to each bite.

Consider trying the art of bread and chimichurri pairing for your next meal. Order your bottle of Pablo Kim's Chimichurri, and experience the subtle magic of thoughtful pairings that make every meal a little more special. Here's to good food and good company!


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