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Different ways to eat chimichurri



Originally, chimichurri is a steak sauce from the plains of South America. We have found found different ways to eat it over the years thanks to countless people sharing with us how they chimi.  We have several recipes with chimichurri sauce. Many of them are in our instagram page


Breakfast foods.

While chimichurri sauce is originally a steak sauce, many people have shared with us that they eat chimichurri with breakfast foods. For example Chimichurri is very popular with scrambled eggs and bagels. 

You know that favorite breakfast burrito with potatoes, eggs, and bacon and or sausage? some times you need some acidity to give an additional dimension. It is different to salsa, and if you are not a spicy lover, chimichurri can come in very handy. 


We also have some ideas in our blog



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